Saturday, July 02, 2011

15 for 33, the Sequel: 15 for 34

All are welcome to participate.

For those of you who need a refresher course, or are learning of this for the first time:

So with my big 34 right around the bend – 48 days from today - I was thinking the perfect gift would be a gazillion Scavenger hunt cd's made just for me! It costs you nothing but time, love and a blank CDR.

Wondering what the hell a Scavenger Hunt cd is? Well, it's pretty simple. I will provide a list below of 14 sets of criteria. Each track must fit the criteria. For instance, if I listed:
1. A song sung by a man named Paul
you could choose "Yesterday" by the Beatles or "Love Gun" by KISS or even a U2 song that isn't one of the three sung by David. Or if I listed:
2. A song you hate by a band you love
I would personally list "Piggies" by the Beatles or “Creep” by Radiohead.

Sounds fun, right? Ok - so here are the tracks. Some will be easy, some will be tougher. Some will be ridiculous, and some will be wild cards of sorts.

Have fun and make it reflect you as much as me. Don't get worried about things like "Oh - doesn't Heidi HATE the Kings of Leon?" (Answer: oh, yes. she does)

So here goes this year:

A song that...

  1. along with #15, is sung by the same lead singer, but is two different bands
    (see: Heaven and Hell era Black Sabbath, and Dio or Blur and Gorillaz or the Good Bad & Queen or...)

  2. is by a band with brothers … or sisters, or one of each (the White Stripes are not siblings, people)
    (see: Fountains of Wayne, the Kinks, early Replacements)

  3. sung by a Beatle, but not a Beatles song
    (see:- you should be able to figure this one out)

  4. in which the artist name drops another artist
    (see: Alex Chilton by the Replacements)

  5. contains $4 words or requires a dictionary to understand the lyrics
    (see: the Decemberists early catalog)

  6. is an up-tempo love song
    (see: Brand New Colony by the Postal Service)

  7. is not sung by the band's regular lead singer (guest artists, other band members and Ringo all accepted

  8. of which the title is a girl's name

  9. comes in under 3 minutes THAT IS NOT SONG 2 BY BLUR

  10. is just plain naughty

  11. was released in 1995
    (see: you can't all choose Wonderwall)

  12. was played at your favorite concert ever
    (me? She's in Parties by Bauhaus)

  13. is by an artist in memorium (a dead rock star song)
    (see: Jeff Buckley)

  14. is sung by a Canadian
    (see: Rush)

  15. see #1