Friday, February 17, 2006

i f@#%ing heart supergrass!!!!

there is a story with this, but i am too giddy when i think of it at present to spit it out... stay tuned


(thank you j-!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

who knew?

it's funny how late in life your tastes can change. when you hated so much as the smell of mustard as a kid, and then one day late into your 20s you find that you can't have a ballpark hot dog without it.

a lover of almost any variety of british rock - and by lover i mean a borderline stalker (see title of blog you're now reading) - it has always seemed odd to most folk that two things i have never been are a rolling stones fan and a who fan.

some think the rolling stones issue especially odd since i love the supergrass so much, and well... the influence is far beyond clear. or i could be happily wrong about that.

of the two, however, i have always managed to hold the who in a slightly higher regard. i am not a complete nitwit. they each have some undeniably ingenious creations among their compositions. this i cannot deny. i have always sworn that the stones have exactly 10 amazing songs and all else is shite - but the who made Tommy and that is that. the shit.

and roger daltrey isn't half the ass of a frontman jagger is. he is really what ruins the stones for me.

but the stones are another soap opera to which i wish to devote no more screen time. this post is about the who. and how slowly i came to the conclusion that i have been wrong all this time. and last night was the final reveal.

i love the who.

where the hell, as it was once eloquently put, was my mind?

music came to me first from dear old dad. the best dad ever. but not a who fan, and thus, nor was i destined to be. beatles, yes, queen, rush, ccr... all over the board and well-versed in all things classic rock, just not that big on - you guessed it - the stones or the who.

then in high school i watched tommy's second coming. while i still have yet to see it on a stage (on my before-i-die list), in the chaos and hype of its resurrection, mtv giving it more coverage it seemed than anything that wasn't cobain's suicide, it was hard to miss. curiosity sparked i got dad to rent the film for me and i was mesmerized by it. so then "the who are ok; tommy's brilliant."

fast forward to 2002. heidi and justin on their rock and roll tour of england... liverpool, swindon, st johns wood. brighton was the first stop on the itinerary but not for any reason rock and roll. more because we saw it on a rick steves special and thought it a lovely and peaceful
starting point.

brighton's main art museum holding an exhibit on brighton in the movies. hello, Quadrophenia. who knew?

upon returning home, and homesick for our holiday, we sought out a copy of the mods and rockers epic with it in mind to play a game of "how much can we spot?"

(the answer to that question is almost everything... brighton remains largely untouched by time and that is huge part of its charm)

i must have watched it three times before we gave it back. if tommy was a crush, than quadrophenia started a lust. on our next visit to the uk, the soundtrack came home with us and thought i might have to fight to keep it when j and i went our separate ways.

somewhere in the middle there, i find it important to point out, i took a boy's virginity listening to his new who box set. i am pretty sure i was 19 and it was Bab OReilly. he was a sweet, misguided boy and i think of him often, but i giggle a little each time i hear even the phrase "teenage wasteland."

my love for the who was growing all this time, though i still refused to mark myself a fan.

driving home from class last night, i finally changed my mind. "substitute" is such a damn good song. mr. daltrey, mr. townsend, mr. entwistle, and even mr. moon who doubted the power of led zeppelin and yet bestowed them their legendary moniker... i am sorry i i refused to give you the credit and love you have always deserved.