Monday, October 09, 2006


i went to see j's show at smith's last night.

in the ladies room in the stall i saw this written - "Flickerstick April 17"

it may be the day that j and i took my dad to see flickerstick at smith's - a day that lives in infamomy (sp?) - as the day fletcher - whom i have adored forever - said to me, "thank you, darlin'" and i almost peed my pants.

and my then boyfriend started to refer to him as "the gay one."

last night, upon seeing that in the stall, and just before watching some drunk dude stumble into the next stall, i sent a text message to j - despite the fact that he was actually on stage at the time - to point this out.

this morning he responded with - "i think that's the day fletcher came out."

at 930am - j got called a fucker in a text message...

ps - i STILL don't have the new decemberists album - wtf is wrong with me?????