Wednesday, November 16, 2005

christmas present

today i bought supergrass tickets.

i cannot contain my excitement, in spite of the storm going on behind my eyes and in my temples...

did i mention that i love supergrass?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"then she appeared" (xtc)

once upon a time i was going to walk down the aisle to this song. i am really not that full of myself; i promise it wasn't entirely my own idea. but i enjoyed the thought.

flowy gown, early fall warmth. bouquet of white roses... all that stuff a little girl imagines for wedding day.

once upon a time i loved another. that other still remains a significant part of my life though no longer as my significant one, for which i am grateful.

once upon a time, that other, a worshipper of all things andy partridge, put this - one of mr. partridge's finest - on a mix tape that may have been mentioned here before.

that other once told me a funny story: mr. andy was married, but this one girl wouldn't leave him be. allegedly, he wrote a song for her stating he didn't "need another satellite." later, his wife betrayed him, inciting lyrics like "let's close the book and let the day begin and the marriage be undone."

this song, "then she appeared, apple venus on a half-open shell" was written for the satellite.

love can be so fickle, and yet so sneaky.

this song still manages to put a bright spot in my day and remind me of happy times with a good friend.

(and of how excited i am with my real wedding day - to the most beautiful man i have known - fast on the approach)