Monday, June 19, 2006

things i learned at the film festival... and other places

1. johnny ramone looks an awful lot like don dokken but with better hair

2. dee dee looks a lot like my ex-boyfriend's brother (sorry - i don't have any links to kevin's photo)

that's kind of a compliment, by the way - to both of them

and they're both bass players - ooooooooo

3. rock mockumentaries can be great even when not created by christopher guest

4. you clearly do not have to be cool to be even in the most legendary of awesome bands. you do, however, have to be cool to be kim deal.

5. i think i might be in love with kim deal.

6. the statement "wow. billy corgan has gained a lot of weight" is even more amusing when it's a joke at Frank black's expense

7. i am sad i missed pilotdrift opening for supergrass

8. i did not get this from the film festival, but this is maybe the most important nugget of trivia i have gathered recently. this photo lived in my father's music room for nearly my entire childhood... it was one of my dad's favorite images


he's been there the whole time

and i call myself a bauhaus late bloomer!