Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the morning's soundtrack

was perfect for a walk along a busy stretch of peachtree on a chilly, but beautiful morning:
high and dry
the sound of settling
apply some pressure
brand new colony
have you forgotten
myla goldberg
ask me how i am

it brings to mind two thoughts:
- listening to the verve on headphones makes me feel like i am in a movie and it is my soundtrack (have i said that here before?)
-brand new colony is the most perfect love song not written by a beatle

wait, no three:
damn maximo park are good!!!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

again with the gary lightbody lovin'?


once upon a time i stated that my other blog was fast becoming a gary lightbody rabid fan site. then they had some commercial radio success and it forced me to push them from my radar, otherwise i'd just get disillusioned and later disgusted if they sold out on me.

well, that hype came and went, and i still love them. maybe now more than before.

i bought a ticket to see them at a small venue - the very one featured in the photo below w/ mr goffey of mrrs supergrass - pleased as punch to see that they weren't playing the same one as their last atl outing. it was overcrowded and full of assholes who came to hear the one song. yesterday i mentioned it to a friend and coworker and suddenly realized that i was excited. but that isn't the best part. you knew that i hope.

at the present, i am housesitting - taking over a job for my best friend who has been shipped off to cowboy land for a few months for work. the house has serious cable, something i have not been exposed to in ages and only at friends' homes. in a cable daze i started flipping from the couch as soon i arrived from work yesterday. and what before my eyes should appear on number 370?

snow patrol live at somerset house, london.

i had missed the first 15 minutes or so (how appropriate), but my timing was nevertheless perfect. they were in the opening bars of "you are my joy." i might have wet my pants.

you are my joy, for those unaware of the beauty and stretch of mr lightbody's talents, is not, in fact a snow patrol song. it is by the reindeer section. the reindeer section, god bless them every one, is a scottish supergroup. formed by lightbody one drunken festive night that apparently none of them expected him to remember, it comprises members of snow patrol and arab strap and belle and sebastian and even some teenage fan club if i remember correctly. that list, mind you, merely scratches the surface, as their are about 10 bands represented.

two weeks after he had this drunken brainstorm, i say without researching thoroughly so don't take my info as untainted fact, he'd written an album's worth of material and called everybody up to come in and commit it to musical history. baffled and amused they agreed and it makes for beautiful listening... Ya'll get scared now, ya hear. (there is also a second installment - Son of Evil Reindeer)

anyway, to see them performing that song... my heart the opposite of broke. for the next hour my eyes were glued to the television, and i damn near felt i was there. and reminding me that i will be in a week and change... i was... i can't even say. i don't know the word.

but suffice it to sum this up, that watching this performance, in front of a loving and appreciative english audience, put forth in my head and heart all the reasons i fell in love with these guys - and especially the man with the voice - to start. he, they, love, and i mean love, what they are doing. gary loves his words and i love that.

sorry - this was a cheesy one, but i had to give them their due - and apologize for ever doubting them.